Ahn Jaehyeon by Kim Youngjun for Vogue Korea September 2014


New York, 2014


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Winner of the #OPPABLOGGiveaway announced + an update of sorts (lots of love to @msenka) (click the photo for link to blog)

Title: Evil Artist: Shovels & Rope 4 plays

Evil- Shovels & Rope

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Untitled (2014)

Title: Swim (Music Box) Artist: Jack's Mannequin 98 plays

Swim (Music Box)- Jack’s Mannequin

Questions I ask myself: where are you in the world today? How are you doing; have you eaten; are you sleeping well? Do you think of me when you’re on the road, jetting from city to city, chugging across a pastoral countryside? Do you come across things you want to tell me, suppress the disappointment when you remember you’re there and I’m here, jot things down to tell me later when we’re in the same city again? Do you miss me? Do you see things that remind you of me no matter where you are; am I present enough in your memory for that?

Gi-Aae, 'The Toilet Papers'


Lee Som by Kim Taeeun for The Celebrity Korea Nov 2013