hey all, please take a moment to pray/send well-wishes/whatever it is you do for the families, survivors, and the hundreds still missing after a ferry sank off korea.  also, please keep in mind the rescue teams as they continue searching for the missing — the ocean is apparently very muddy, so visibility is poor.  most of the passengers on the ferry were second-year high school students, a fact that doesn’t make this any less or any more tragic, but please send out a prayer for their parents and families..

thank you.

(more information on the new york times and the bbc,)

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 Bea de Giacomo

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Patti Smith by Norman Seeff

Title: Find You (Acoustic) [Feat Matthew Koma & Miriam Bryant] Artist: Zedd 356 plays

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Carrot Cake Baked Donuts | The Faux Martha

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Like Mother

Following in her footsteps 40 years later.

Photos by Eleanor Hardwick and her mother, Melanie.

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Title: Brother Artist: Sinclair 43 plays